Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Beautiful Woman Syndrome

Lack of personal and intellectual development. In spite of their lackluster personalities and tendency toward insipid speech, men still speak with BWS women because, well, men are men. I once dated a woman who had a terminal case of BWS, and she bored me to tears. Her repertoire of conversational topics was very limited, and I cannot recall even one interesting thing that she said. After I belatedly realized that she had nothing to offer except her looks, I resolved to never again date a BWS woman.
Tendency to treat less-attractive people as members of an inferior species.
Failure to appreciate the attributes of less-attractive people. Seemingly, BWSers (as I call them) think that the one supremely laudable attribute is physical appearance (or money in the case of a potential spouse), and the remaining attributes in other people are given short shrift.
Predisposition to overestimate their intelligence and other attributes. I suppose I shouldnt fault them for this, because scientific research has substantiated that just about everyone thinks that more attractive people are smarter, more capable, and so on. Men are generally very eager to compliment beautiful women in every possible way. Thus, gorgeous women arent lauded solely for their appearance. Theyre also told that they are interesting, smart, funny, wonderful, great, or amazing. After hearing such compliments countless times, they believe it. Another web site gives an example of how extreme their arrogance can be after they develop a big head from the perennial praise.
Being extremely picky. Their looks should "buy" them a comparably attractive partner (or a rich one, given that old quid pro quo), but BWSers often want a man who is also intelligent, charming, friendly, pleasant, tender, loving, kind, easygoing, affectionate, thoughtful, caring, supportive, considerate, compassionate, helpful, attentive, responsive, dynamic, gallant, cheerful, loyal, honest, passionate, spontaneous, responsible, generous, courageous, patient, adventurous, enterprising, personable, articulate, and on and on. Why do women with the beautiful woman syndrome think they deserve so much? Ill explain why shortly.
An unusual reaction to niceness. If youre nice to most people, they will like you more. If youre nice to BWSers, they wont think more of you — theyll think more of themselves. Your niceness will just reinforce their lofty self-image.
A tendency to believe that the Constitution of the United States guarantees them a wonderful life.
A propensity to not try as hard as other women. While there are exceptions, many beautiful women coast through life on their looks alone. Most people give a 100% effort because they are willing to work that hard to get what they want. BWSers get various things — jobs, money, stuff, smiles, compliments, dates, husbands, you name it — so easily that they know they dont have to try hard. Their unfounded sense of entitlement is fueled by a belief that they deserve the finer things in life.

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