Thursday, April 29, 2010 The Lay Guide: How to Seduce Women More Beautiful Than ...

This book is full of some very good advice. The ideas of eliciting values, neg hits, social proof, and (most especially) not paying for a womans attention are very powerful and real. They do help you build a connection and gain status, they are also applicable in situations outside of dating if you know how to handle yourself. It is for this reason that the book receives four stars.This book also has an element that makes it very controversial for some. It was written by a guy who hopes to help other guys get laid, period. The authors goal is to teach you how to get into a womans pants. That does NOT have to be YOUR goal in order for you to benefit from it. Those who say that the book is chauvanist are right, and those who say it teaches men to pick up on women in all the wrong ways are focusing on some of the more controversial, and in my opinion crazy, theories presented (such as "GM style" ignore it). One reviewer mentioned, and with some disgust, that the book advocates a man not buying a drink for a woman unless she "pays" for it with a kiss on the spot, among others. Again, this goes back to social proof, status, and whether or not youre paying for peoples time. It also goes back to self-respect, you just met a woman and youre buying her a drink? You better owe her. One does not have to demand sex from women, or be as chauvanistic as this author, in order to benefit from the technology involved. Trust me, I know. I was an AFC, I then went on to dating six girls at once and found it to be an emotional, psychological, and physical drain not worth the time the emptiness gave me. I did, however, use the techniques in this book to land the love of my life and have since been in a relationship for 1.5years. This book is social dynamics 110: how to handle a dating scenario from the mans perspective. Great book, shady perspective, buy it anyway and apply the techniques in the manner that is most congruent with your personality and demeanor.

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